The PTSmart AI display is dual-sided indoor or outdoor display totem with Prime Tek's in-built object recognition adboard and real-time tracking system, with taught algorithms to identify objects such as passing cyclists, motorist, pedestrians, animals. The solution includes an on-screen counter widget in real-time, with an in-built camera and intelligent Adboard system, there's a 95%+ accuracy of detection.


The AI totem displays live location, time and weather forecast with Prime Tek's own content management system that allows for easy ad uploads and control.

There's an interactive touch screen for users to engage through interactive content on both sides, each with a 10-point touch capability.


The PT Smart Display makes a leaner portable solution to passive infrared or cable sensor tracking systems commonly used in tracking cyclists or pedestrian footfall in required areas. With this all-in-one totem unit you have a digital Ad-board, Signage, engaging interactive play station for passing audience, Wayfinder, Public Addressing  (with in-built loudspeakers), live weather forecast, with location and time, and an intelligent object identification counter.

We have deployed the PT Smart AI Display around the UK, for Smart Infrastructural projects in Cities and local communities.

The smart recognition technology can be integrated in other use-cases.