Introducing the F35 Flight Simulator.

The simulator cockpit consists of a functional heads up display (HUD) which receives  direct signal from the flight simulation software, which provides the most realistic scenarios in HD for an amazing flight experience, and a real sense of being in an actual F35 cockpit, complete with a throttle and flight stick. 

The PT F35 works in conjunction with an immersive fibreglass display dome with multi-channel projection in WUXGA or 4K resolution subject to requirement.

Featuring a high-end computer suite built with the latest GPU/CPU hardware, coupled with a user-friendly image warping software, the simulator is compatible with all windowed/windowed borderless applications, including full support with the most popular flight simulation applications such as X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and many others. 

Key Specifications

Cockpit Dimensions - 

Width - 1400mm

Height - 1400mm

Depth - 3500mm

We can custom build a display screen to match your desired size and set field of view requirements.