The double truncated domes can be built to any size or field of view requirement. Popular in the use of front-line or combat training (JTAC/Dev Ops).

These display domes are best built to a standard 3 metres and upwards with a multi-channel solution suited to all resolution requirements.  An easy to setup truss frame is included with our double truncated display dome package.

Featuring a high-end computer suite built with the latest GPU/CPU hardware, coupled with a user-friendly edge-blending and image warping integrated software, this system is compatible with all windowed/windowed borderless applications, making it great for the display of videos, images, training applications and gaming. 

Key Specifications

Standard Dimensions (subject to size requirement) - 


Width - 3200mm

Height - 2200mm

Depth - 2255mm

We can custom supply this dome to meet any size and field of view requirements that you have.