The PT Hex is an interactive, flexible touchscreen kiosk which features a full HDR high-definition display screen. It can easily be paired with other devices for use as a control console or display device.

Featuring 6 total detachable touchscreen displays, the PT Hex can be moved, bent and manipulated to match any shape/setup of your choosing. 

The PT Hex features an automatic camera system which can be used as a photo-both with interactive phone app compatibility. 

The PT Hex offers full touchscreen support and supports many different applications, included windowed/windowed borderless and full-screen software. 


About us:


The Prime Tek AI team specializes in the development of various Smart AI and Deeply Learned/Machine technology HW/SW  applications, IoT, VR/AR, bots & simulators and visual display solutions.

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Prime Teknologies are an independent, UK based company with over six years experience in the simulation industry and the last three in the visual display industry.




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