The Prime Tek AI team specialize in the development of various Smart AI, Deep Machine Learned and innovative IT solutions. 

Also R&D of IoT hardware, integration with sub-systems and various Object Recognition verticals using Artificially Intelligent algorithms in providing optimum detection & recognition accuracy.


Who we are

The Prime Tek AI team specialize in the development of various Smart AI and Deep Learned/Machine solutions. 

We're also always interested in new challenging tech R&D projects, so please get in touch with your idea(s) and we'll get creative together.

We’re building a track record with focus on quality, and in the value that we bring to the industry with our clever products, our services and our desire to simplify complex problems with unique disruptive tech solutions.

Organisations in various industry sectors take advantage of our products and market exposure to meet their short and long-term business needs.


These industries range from Telecom, Academia, Military, Motorsport and Aviation to Leisure/Entertainment, Charity and Health Services. 


We work with clients through the entire project cycle and beyond, providing effective, lean solutions.

Rest assured you'll be in good hands by a team of passionate experts and enthusiasts  



 PT Drive




ZipTie Domes

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Flight Simulators

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Prime 300

 Dome Display Screen

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Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Smart (AI) Drone


Front runners


Charles Scott-Emuakpor


Charles is a creative entrepreneur, with over 12 years’ experience in the IT marketplace, developing various Innovation and Technology solutions, and providing business transformation through various management and leadership roles. 

With the Prime Tek team, Charles has developed and managed AI/IoT solutions for companies and organizations like the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Infrastructure on Smart Infrastructural IoT deployment, and on a personal capacity to Huawei Technologies on Innovation for Huawei's European Consumer Business Group.

A member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET), Charles has a first degree in Information & Communications Technology, and an MBA along with various professional certifications and continuous training/development.

  Arnold L. Villasanta


Arnold holds 20+ years of experience covering technical stewardship for two successful start-ups and two separate software development companies. Highly skilled in the management of development processes and Research & Development initiatives across technical and non-technical client projects in the US, Asia, Europe and Africa. Adept in all kinds of software delivery methodology and all phases of SDLC.

Arnold leads the technical evaluation, deployment and ongoing R&D of Prime Tek's AI/Object Recognition solution. He is well decorated with practical experience and certifications in various programming languages, applications, protocols and software development capabilities.

Angelo P. Villasanta

Lead Developer

Angelo is an enthusiastic Tech expert in Android Application Development, Web Application Development, and other related openings. He holds invaluable developer knowledge in various technologies and platforms. Angelo has successfully completed and published lots of mobile applications with optimal functionality and user experience across OS platforms.

Angelo is well-versed in the best web and app development applications with strict attention to detail for our local and international audiences.

He enjoys the challenge that comes with our fast-paced/evolving tech ecosystem, and plays an exceptional role in bringing our ideas to reality.


Clients & Partners

About us:


The Prime Tek AI team specializes in the development of various Smart AI and Deeply Learned/Machine technology HW/SW  applications, IoT, VR/AR, bots & simulators and visual display solutions.

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Prime Teknologies are an independent, UK based company with over six years experience in the simulation industry and the last three in the visual display industry.




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